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Train your horse and run races in this free online game
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In this free massively multi-player online role-play game (MMORPG), you are a horse breeder who trains her horse to enter into races and win prizes. The game allows you to customize your character and the characteristics of your horse, such as speed, agility, strength, control, and so on. Once you have set these items, then you can start training. There are three different types of training: speed, magic, and time practice, each with its own difficulty level. When you are ready, then you can start racing against other players. You can win different prizes and use them to purchase items to enhance your performance.

All in all, the game is enjoyable and fun. It is challenging enough to have you playing for a while. In general, the graphics are pretty good, but not extraordinary. Its Manga-like aesthetics may not be pleasant for everybody, but it does not prevent from enjoying the playability of the game. The music can get boring after a while, but you can turn it off if you want to.

An important disadvantage is that some of the words and phrases of the interface are not translated into English, so if you are like me, and can't read Korean, you will not understand these parts. Nevertheless, this does not prevent you from playing the game. Another drawback is that the game crashed a couple of times when I was playing, and this can be annoying if you are in the middle of a race.

If you like MMORPGs, racing games, and Manga-style graphics, then you may enjoy this program, which is free to download and use.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The game is free to download and use


  • Some functions didn't work
  • Some parts of the interface are not translated
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